24 February 2010


I have 37 charms on my charm bracelet. I, along with most of the women in my family have one. We buy charms to commemorate events in our lives, for things that we love, and just for funsies. I have been meaning to document the history of each of my charms.

The big soccer ball: I got this before a trip to Tulsa with my soccer team. 
The flat heart: In the midst of a Sex and the City marathon, I picked this up because Carrie had one.
The heart clover: All the girls got this to celebrate Memaw's 77th birthday. She was born on March 17th.
The music note: This was purchased in Tulsa after an unsuccessful tournament but very successful jam session in our rented minivan.
The four seasons: wanted it!
The big softball: This was given to me in middle school. I was a pretty legit shortstop.
The ice cream cone: Three of us got this one after we ate ice cream after every meal for three days straight.
The passport: TJ gave me this before a trip to London.
The heart key: I got this to represent my trip to New York in February of 2007.
The holly leaf: Moma gave me this for Christmas one year back in middle school
The crayon: Moma gave me this one for Christmas. 
The Texas: I love Texas.
The tiara: Moma gave me this one cause my daddy used to call me The Princess.
The bird flowers: This was the charm that came on my bracelet when Moma gave it to me in 7th grade.
The artist's palette: Aunt Nancy gave me this one for my 30th birthday.
The house: Moma gave me this when I bought my first house.
The gingerbread man: We all got this to represent our seriously productive day of Christmas shopping the day after Thanksgiving. My moma lost hers in the food court and Sara and I sneaked up to James Avery and got her another one.
The bell: Given to me by my cousin, Sara. I call her Sara Bell.
The starfish: Moma gave me this charm to commemorate my trip to Key West with my friend, Paige.
The little soccer ball: I got this in middle school. Soccer was and is still my favorite sport.
The suitcase: Moma gave me this to represent all of my travels.
The Dutch snowflake: Another group purchase to celebrate the season.
The jack-o-lantern: Daddy gave me this. His nickname was Punkin.
The kitty: HOMEY!
The pineapple: I bought this one because they were retiring it. I had to have it. I also got Courtney one after our trip to Maui. 
The turtle: another middle school charm. 
The snowflake: middle school...I think.
The cupcake: This is my favorite charm. A sweet guy gave this to me.
The sunglasses: Aunt Nancy and I got this one after a day of cruisin' in her convertible.
The camera: Moma gave me this one. The detail is amazing on this one.
The sand dollar: This charm represents the summer wedding of Uncle Gene and Aunt Connie. An emotional joining of families that I'll never forget.
The plane: loved it, had to have it.
The owl: it was too cute.
The honeybee: I got this in Tulsa after a wild karaoke night with this crazy girl with a bee on her shirt. My team and I agreed that the drunk girl deserved a charm.
The love dove: had to.
The peach: This is the last charm I purchased. It commemorates Sara and Justin's wedding. We had many peach bellinis at her bachelorette and continued to see peaches and peach colored things all weekend. It was quite mysterious.