31 March 2010

Dear Family

My Moma wrote her parents consistently from 1977-1994 as she was raising her children. My Memaw saved every letter and eventually typed them up and had them bound in a book called Dear Family. When I was in high school, Memaw surprised my mom with a copy for everyone in the family. I read it cover to cover back in 1994, but haven't looked at it since. I picked it back up a couple days ago and it's so good!!! I can't believe she had three kids at my age!

Some excerpts from Dear Family:

April 13, 1980
Tuesday. It was nice talking to you today Mom. Nothing much to write about so I guess I'll close with some cute sayings. I was putting T.J.'s pajamas on tonight after his bath so his hand didn't slide right through because he was still damp and he said "There's little T.J.'s hand!" as it finally came through.
Earlier after Randy had said "no" to David's request to play in the garage, David said, "Daddy can I play in the garage? You say, 'yeah.' That's the nice word." Randy started to talk and David said, "Daddy, don't talk when I'm talking to you."

October 7, 1980
You know I told you that we were going to have T.J.'s picture made. Well the appointment is this Thursday. Last night T.J. fell off the swing set somehow and got a mouth and nose full of dirt. Later after his bath I noticed that his nose was swollen and red. I sure hope it goes down before Thursday. It is not real noticeable. I don't guess a picture would really show the real Edmondson in him unless he had some sort of bump or bruise.

December 8, 1980
I left David watching Sesame Street while I dressed the other two and made beds. Well, as I worked my way to the living room I came upon a trail of styrofoam pieces. David had shredded a miniature light box. I said "get down here right now and pick this up." He said, "I was making crouton." My son the chef.

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