30 April 2010

Summer Dress

Finally! A two hour dress with 2 yards of fabric. I used two graphic prints to update the style. The bodice is brown and white, and the skirt is a pale green and white. I made the bodice by making a rectangle with loopholes on the edges. I attached strips of fabric to the front and criss crossed them through the loopholes at the back. I did a gathering stitch for the skirt and pinned it to the bodice before I sewed it. I put some elastic in the back of the skirt where the bodice is open in the back. This is a pattern my girlfriends and I made up in college. I don't really know how to explain it, I just make it. So if you want to learn, you'll just have to come over and make one with me. That's what my Mimi says when I ask her for a recipe. She says, "you'll just have to come over and watch, I don't do recipes."

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