13 May 2010

One of Those Nights

1. sliced apples for Rachel's amazing apple pie
2. had an amazing dinner
3. rode bikes to Joann with Dave and Rachel
4. bought three new fabrics at Joann and watched Rachel get overstimulated like I ALWAYS do. 
5. ate apple pie with caramel ice cream
6. waved bye bye to Maggie...and she waved back and attempted a bye bye sound
7. drove home with the sunroof open listening to pop music
8. washed fabric and made two new tops.

1 comment:

Katy Rapier said...

You're on a roll lady! I'm jel jel I want to ride bikes and eat...well need to lay off the apple pie and ice cream...but not off riding bikes. We need to do a bike ride sunday with all 6 of us...six being maggie!