01 December 2010

I'm doin' it.

I started my push up routine (for the first time) last fall. I was challenged by one of the girls on my soccer team. She told us that she did 100 push ups every night. I was blown away. That night under the stars on the golf course outside of my uncle's lakehouse (about 2 am), I did as many as I could do. Four. Wow. Pathetic. I worked my way up to ten, then twenty, then forty. I stayed at 40 through Christmas. I got distracted with family activities, being off work, etc, and I just let it fade out. About two weeks ago, I started again. I took the Thanksgiving week off, only because I forgot one night, then it was downhill from there. I picked it back up again on Monday, and am back up to 30. I didn't realize that there's a whole blog/website dedicated to this challenge. I am not exactly following their routine, but I hope to be up to 100 by Christmas this year. I have been writing my numbers down on my chalkboard each night as my reward. I am mostly doing this for bragging rights. Want to play along? I know my Cathy Jo and Hank are. We will be in T.F.C. in no time.

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