09 December 2010

Studio Before/After


I was totally inspired to rearrange my studio space from looking at this one. I only spent $12 on a spool holder and a wicker basket for my patterns. I got rid of the red rug, and moved the large table into the middle of the room so it can be accessed from both sides. Since going wireless, I really don't need a desk for my computer, so I just nested it under the large table and put my printers on it. The shelves are pretty much the same, just tidied. I took down my inspiration wall so I can start fresh. The quilt squares are a work in progress. I need to make 20 more. I think seeing the layout will not only motivate me to sew, but to help choose colors that will fit with what I have so far.

1 comment:

Trina M Curran said...

Oh, wow! It looks so good! Can you come help me with my mess? :)