31 January 2011

Crager Weekend

 Friday Night we got right down to it. We had dinner at Louie's, stopped by our friends' house for a cameo, and started sewing. CJ got a new machine (exciting). She made napkins and I made a diaper changing pad. All of our friends are having babies, so most of the stuff we made is for them. They shall remain nameless.

 I made two sets of napkins. The first is a set of six from a fat bundle from Joann. The second is a set of four (same as CJ) from a fat bundle from Stitch Lab in Austin.

 We both made tag blankies. These were super easy. CJ's is the cowboy one, mine is the one with the fruit.
 Here are my two finished diaper changing pads. One is lined with houndstooth oil cloth. 

 I finally mastered bias tape. You have to go REALLY slow.
 Saturday night, we went to Park for a creative cocktail. The bartender thought we were pretty cute until we started drawing purse patterns on napkins and started talking about seam allowance.
 Here is CJ's finished stash: pillowcase purse, tag blankie, receiving blanket, two bibs, burp cloths, and a set of napkins.
Here's my finished stash: a quilt top (basted to the batting and backing), two diaper changing pads, two sets of napkins, two bibs, a tag blankie, a quilt square for my personal quilt, a knitted washcloth, and a secret item that I have blocked out until Valentine's Day.

We used some of our own patterns, but most of our ideas came from Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts and Simple Sewing for Baby by Lotta Jansdotter.
I'd also like to give a shout out to Redbull.


Happy Kathy said...

They are all sooooo lovely!!!Well done!!!!

paigefurr said...
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little *e* said...

that houndstooth oil cloth is AWESOME. and i love the color combo on the bib. it would make a super cute Tote.
where did you find it?

Cassie said...

The houndstooth oil cloth is from good ole Joann!

little *e* said...

Awesome. Thanks!!