27 January 2011

New Project

I've started a quilt for my cousin's baby. I didn't have any plan when I started. I usually find a pattern, start cutting and piecing. Instead I just made a 4 inch square and triangle template and started tracing onto scraps. I got her nursery colors, but as I started cutting, the color scheme went out the window. I really wanted to use some vintage fabric instead of buying all new to match. The strawberry shortcake fabric (I've been hoarding) was from baby clothes that my mother made me. The mauve with small pink flowers is from the sampler quilt she made me when I was ten. The rest is a mixture of small scraps from my basket and hand me downs from my mother. As I pieced the squares and triangles, I decided to cut each pieced square into triangles and mix them up. I hope this is going somewhere good. I'm freestylin'!

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