09 January 2011

Weekend in Pics

In Katy's basket: Meyer's Honeysuckle dish soap, a bag of Sailor's Blend coffee, two hand knitted wash cloths, three cans of orange creme soda, a nail file, and a muslin patchwork dish towel.

 I took a non-conventional drawing workshop on Saturday with Michael Ryan of SAIC. It was so awesome. We made marks by pushing and pulling our materials into circles. 
Best teaching idea ever: We toasted a value scale. I am still so blown away by this idea.
I got my hair cut Saturday afternoon and this is my totally pretentious look at me pic. Oh, and my new ten dollar sunglasses are pretty cute, too.
My friend Tolga turned 40 this weekend. Amidst all of the camera flashes, my iphone picked up this blue tint. The cake was cappuccino chocolate from Panini Cakes. SO GOOD. Wedding cake caliber.

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