02 February 2011

Snow Days (frozen ice pellet days)

 Dallas cancelled school on Tuesday morning. The roads were iced over. I enjoyed sleeping in and even though I prefer planned three day weekends in the spring, I embraced it. (thanks, Paige.)
 I quilted for hours straight while watching old Grey's Anatomy episodes on Netflix. I finished! Here it is washed and dried so I could check for flaws.
 Everything looked great. I love how it wrinkles and puffs up around the quilting. It breaks it in a bit. And yes, I hand quilted and binded. My moma says that it doesn't matter what your stitches look like as long as they are consistent.
 Most of the quilt bloggers I follow machine quilt. I have never tried it, but it looks faster, but harder. I asked my moma what she thought. "Machine quilting takes away some of the calm you instill in a quilt... it is busier, probably more efficient... and you can't look up and see
what is happening on NCIS..." So there.
 I made this square last weekend but didn't take a good pic of it until I hung it on my design wall.
 I made this one today with cowboy fabric that CJ left me, and some extra quilt fabric.
 Only 18 more squares to go!
I baked perfect Snickerdoodles tonight for dinner (oops). I used my premixed cinnamon sugar from Penzey's. I think that's what made them extra good.

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