21 March 2011

south by spring break

 Here's Hank on St. Paddy's day looking wicked Irish.
 We went to Stubb's for the SPIN party. We saw (or I actually paid attention during) The Kills, OMD, and TV on the Radio. It was awesome. I came close to having an anti social heat related meltdown, but CJ kept me chill with some nerdy dancing, some free crap from sponsors and good people watching.

 We stopped by Flatstock at the official SXSW convention and I was totally blown away by the amount of posters created by actual artists. I could not decide. I left with a small fruit print by Burlesque. I definitely want to go back next year with money to shop.
 Here is OMD singing the eighties classic "If you leave." It was pretty awesome.
 CJ and CJ in our toms. I had to give mine a sponge bath after that show.
Back at home and trying to mentally prepare for Monday aka the END OF SPRING BREAK, I made a pasta dish for the potluck at my mom's. I saw Giada make this on tv and I knew it would be a matter of hours before I would be making it myself. 
penne with butternut squash and goat cheese

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