17 July 2011

Summer and Austin

 I trimmed some Lantana from Hank's flowerbed. I had to girl it up a bit at his house.
 Hank and I had Homeslice with our best friends to commemorate Hank and my one year anniversary. We had pizza that day with CJ and Mark, so we had to recreate the event, but with much better pizza. Earlier that day, Hank and I tried Stand Up Paddling or SUP on Town Lake. I just call it paddle boarding. It's where you stand on a big surfboard and paddle with an oar. It was a pretty good workout heading upstream.
 Here's a tired doggy after she spent a couple hours at Redbud Isle chasing a tennis ball in the lake.

Cathy and I have been planning a trip to Gordough's for a year. We finally met for dessert on Sunday night. This is a peach filled doughnut with cinnamon, sugar, and cake mix topping. Four forks, but CJ and I ate most of it. It was glorious.
 Here's Bitsy having her first Push Pop. 
 This is Miss Grace Ann, or "Baby Gace" as Bitsy calls her. She is breaking in her quilt I made for her back in March. She's a perfect fit!
 My mixing bowl was on my counter and made a super cool reflection, had to document.
I've been doing some major quilting. I'm about halfway. It sure is hot under a quilt in the summer. 

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Nick said...

All that food is making me hungry and I've started a diet. : (
The quilt looks amazing, your very talented. x