10 March 2012

Happy Spring Break

 Hank loves beer. Lucky for me, there's an awesome new brewery in town. 
 I baked Hank's parents a lemon cake for their birthdays. Those are blueberries, not olives. I highly recommend blueberries on a lemon cake.
 Katy and TJ made us waffle madness. TJ oven baked the bacon on racks. Best bacon I've ever had. Look into it.
 I finally got close enough to the gorgeous blooming trees. It's a shame they only look this way for a couple weeks. I snapped this on after a run on the Katy Trail.
Have I mentioned Sweet Potato Tots yet? You need to drive directly to Sonic to try them. I've been pretty obsessed with exercising and eating lately. Lucky for me they cancel each other out. I'm headed to Austin for part of spring break. I hope to test ride some new fitness bikes and eat some really good food. I hope you get a break and I hope you enjoy it! Here's my current bike in 1st place.

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