20 January 2009


I finished washing and drying my new fabric that I purchased yesterday. I was amazed at the selection at Joann's. I know some hardcore quilters would hate on me shopping at Joann's, but I don't care. I think I found some super cute prints! My fave is the cream and olive green cowboy print. It looks like it would go on some little boy's jammies.
I am planning out my next quilt. I am going to use the Ohio Star pattern. It's going to be about 60" by 72" I am going to add some sashing to make it bigger as well. I haven't decided what my main color will be, butI know I want to add black. I saw a quilt at an antique store in Amarillo many years ago. It had peachy orange and black next to each other. I loved it...If only I could sit at work and sew.

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