19 January 2009

Make a Quilt...check!

Finished! I got inspired when I was making my resolution collage. My friend is having a baby in April, so I had a good reason and everything! The pattern is called either a Pinwheel or Stinky Feet... depending on how you piece it together. The way I did it is Stinky Feet. I used lavender and a sage green for the main colors. I pieced by machine and quilted by hand. The fabric was 50% off the day I bought it, so it turned out to be about a $35 project. I used 100% cotton for the fabric, then organic bamboo for the batting/inside. I think I did a pretty good job considering I started Friday at 4pm. I only had to call my mom 13 times to ask questions. Like "do I really need to use 'quilting thread'?" The answer is yes, by the way. I didn't use all of my fabric, so a bunch of it will go into the next quilt. I love admiring my stack of scraps.
I am now inspired to make a larger one. I picked up some fat quarters at the fabric store today to start. I think I'll do an Ohio Star for my next pattern. Yipee!

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