08 April 2011

apron season

Two of my girls two days in a row sported one of my apron tops. It makes me so happy. I haven't been that good about taking pictures of the things I have been making lately. I would like to blame daylight since most of my sewing is happening after work and therefore don't have the magical light that comes in from the windows in my studio. So there. Right now I am gearing up for the Deep Ellum Market next Saturday. I still want to make some more yoyo hair clips, some bitsy girl sized tops, and a couple skirts. I'm off to Austin this weekend so I don't know how much of that will actually get done. Happy Weekend!

1 comment:

starnes family said...

We love ours! We have 2 now and want more. If you ever need some (decent) photography of Laine in her tops or with her hair clips, I'm happy to help.