15 February 2010

Snow Weekend

My snow weekend was not off to a good start when I woke up Friday morning with no power. I packed up my stuff and headed to Hotel Carmel aka Moma's house. It was a good choice. My sister in law and my adorable niece were ready to play. We made snickerdoodles and played in the snow. We did laps around Target and the mall, coming back with denim leggings. I remember teasing my mom for wearing them in the 90s. She was a visionary I guess.  On Saturday night, we went to Denton and cheered for Apolo in the short track. The Olympics are more fun when you can scream and yell at the tv with your friends. We went to The Boiler Room and listened to some bluegrass followed by a smoke free show at Hailey's. It was amazing. (the smoke free part, not so much the band) My power didn't come back on until sometime Saturday night or Sunday morning. Homey was all thawed out. I ended the weekend with a date with my valentine. Not too shabby.

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