09 February 2010

V-day Memories

I had the idea for this valentine as I was driving home from a soccer meeting. I was thinking of the most significant Valentine's Day moments in my life. I managed to never have a boyfriend on Feb. 14th, so I could only think of two. The first one was in tenth grade. My bffs and I used to rock out to American Pie by Don McLean on my record player. We knew every word and even had a little routine to act out each verse. My favorite verse was "I was a lonely teenage broncin' buck, with a pink carnation and a pick up truck, but I knew I was out of luck, the day the music died." Brent Germany showed up after school with a dozen pink carnations and got down on one knee and asked me to "go" with him. I said no. 
My second memory happened a couple of years ago. I gave my valentine one of my extra special hand made/collaged with super cool stuff/hipster cards. Two days later I found it in our recycle bin.  


liberty said...
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liberty said...

Dear Ms.E,
your valentines are always awesome, i would never recycle one.
poor tenth grade boy, though, i have to say.
Hope you have a wonderful valentine's day!

Joel said...

That's when you say, "GOM" and peace out.

Katy Rapier said...

What a jerk. Karma must have kicked back for turning poor little Brent down. :(

V said...

Is that why you had those American Pie shorts?

Nay said...

I love this valentine!