12 March 2010

Guest Room

I have been coveting my mother's antique quilt and I finally confessed on Sunday. Being the amazing Moma that she is, she gave it to me. It now rests on my guest bed. Who wants to come sleep over? 

Here's the story, told by Patti Lou:

I bought it because old autograph quilts speak to me from dusty shelves
and junk shops...I think this is the one that has Uncle Perk and Aunt
Jim on it...most of them are group efforts... you know, "Miss Selby is
retiring as the second grade Sunday school teacher. Let's make her a
quilt. Everybody sign and embroider this piece of muslin and I'll quilt
it..." You know it meant the world to the recipient but apparently, not
her heirs...I bought this one at the Plano Balloon Festival Arts and
Crafts show around about 1985.