14 April 2010

Iced Coffee

My affair with iced coffee started last summer. I am a late bloomer I guess. Today I looked on my phone and I had several pictures of iced coffees. Who knew I was documenting them all this time. The Iced Turbo at Jo's in Austin has to be the most intense. That's also my favorite gal, Cathy Jo. They probably named their shop after her cause she is so cool. Mary Lou's has sentimental value. That gorgeous hand belongs to my Lizzie. It's a must stop when I visit Boston. The one from The Pearl Cup was eh, but that's partially my fault cause I ordered the wrong thing. Emily and I went to Crooked Tree today for them. They were extra good today. Tonight I am brewing a pot of coffee to pour over ice tomorrow. Two splendas and some half and half. I'll let ya know.

1 comment:

Cathy Jo aka CJ said...

Iced turbo at Jo's can't be beat!