20 April 2010

New Fabric

I got some new fabric at Joann yesterday. I just took it out of the dryer. My first project will be an apron top. I used to make tons of these in college. I'm going to modernize my pattern a bit. The updated prints on the fabric will help, too. If I have some left over, I'll make Mags a baby top. Day 1 of Week in the Life has been good. I have been taking notes and snapping pics with my hipstamatic app. I dropped off some year old 120 color film today from my Holga. Fingers crossed they are worth the wait.


Kelsey McKinney said...

such nice fabric. :)
I have failed at a week in the life. it is my fault and i know it.

liberty said...

Fabrics are my new obsessions.
I especially love the orange and brown ones.