27 July 2010

For Bitsies

I have two tops/dresses for bitsy girls. I am guessing they can fit as small as a 2T and as large as a 5 year old? They are open in the back like my other apron tops. I need a cute little girl to try them on for me! Trina?


Trina M Curran said...

Of course! Katie loves to model. Let us know when!

liberty said...

totally cute!
I'm pretty sure I used some of the same orange fabric from that first top on my quilt, crazyyy

starnes family said...

Cassie, I need that first one for Lainey, but can't find it on Etsy. How much? Save it for me!

PS - if you ever want to do a "giveaway", I have lots of mommy bloggers who read......I get about 250-300 hits a day......and I'm sure if you were willing to giveaway a dress, you'd get more business. Just something to think about.... I network with people all over the U.S.

I'll buy Lainey's though....let me know where I can find it!