06 September 2010

Even Though

Even though my air conditioner broke this weekend and I'll have to pay several thousand dollars to replace it, I had a pretty good weekend. Thanks to a window unit (shout out, Boston), a sweet boy, grillin', tennis, Maggie, and Dexter Season 4 in my Netflix, things are looking up. 


starnes family said...

Happy to hear it.

Blake and I are renting an old home in Overland Park to get a taste for it. We built our first house and bought our second one new. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the trees, neighborhood, etc.....but the house has been a disaster thus far. Thank God we're renting.

Love your friends at The Bait Shop, btw. Haven't checked out anymore on your list, but they're fun!

ps - my girls are still asking for smocks for their little ones. Let me know when you're in stock!

Ben Smithson said...

You guys can come hang with me and Erin! We just moved over the holiday weekend and we're still sorting out the mess. We will have a legit refrigerator on Sunday! Things are looking up!

V said...

Man, I love all those freckles.