06 November 2010

Morning Routine

My birdie buddy challenged me to a morning routine blog post. Here it goes.
I wake up somewhere between 7:00 and 7:08am. I am definitely a morning person, so as long as I can physically remove myself from bed, I am good to go. I turn on the coffee pot and shower while it brews. I recently traded out my Clinique morning routine for Dial soap and Oil of Olay face lotion. So far, it works just as well. After I shower, I look at my shoes. I always base my outfit for the day on the shoes I want to wear. Now that it's fall, most of the time I choose boots. My normal work outfit is boots, tights, and a dress. Lately I have been wearing black jeggings and shirts I have been ignoring since my 2 year long dress phase. You can never go wrong with a dress at work. 
After I get dressed, I choose my jewelry. I haven't always worn jewelry. About 5 years ago, I reconnected with my James Avery charm bracelet, and went from a few charms from middle school to about 40 now. I started buying rings and necklaces and now have a full arsenal of silver. Ever since The Shining opened, I mix my edgy jewelry with my James Avery.
After I'm dressed I make breakfast. Right now I'm in a bagel and cream cheese phase. Sometimes it's PB&J or PB&Banana. While my bagel toasts, I try and put on my eye make up before it's finished (also started wearing eye make up less than 5 years ago). I guess I've gotten more girly... I wear Sonia Kashuk eye shadow in Sable. I use a flat tiny brush and put it on my eyelids. It's way more forgiving than liner. Then I put on brownish black Cover Girl 
After I am dressed and have eaten my breakfast, I assemble my 4 bags of crap that I carry to and from school every day (purse, lunch, knitting bag, and laptop bag).  My knitting bag carries all of my tools, and whichever  projects I have going on at the moment. I also look at my pile of yarn and grab a couple balls just in case I start something new. My laptop bag also holds my stamps and one pack of note cards. When I have any free time at work, I knit or write letters to my pen pals. 
I pour "two" cups of coffee in one of my travel mugs (2 Splendas and half-n-half) and drink it on the way to work. I like to get to work about ten minutes early so I can set myself up in my room undisturbed. It doesn't take long for fifteen year olds to pile into my room...and the rest is history. Well, drawing class actually.

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Trina M Curran said...

Yay! I love this post. I wish I could pack a bag of knitting and paper crafts every day...but I do put a few things in there to take along! Some pretty new pens are coming your way...for your pen pal letters! Love you, dear.