03 January 2011

Post Christmas with the B's

 Mary B had the most beautiful tree.
 Military Ken had his own pressies to deliver.
I seriously considered stealing some of these tiny trees. 
 Beth and I worked at least four puzzles. I met my match with that girl.
We listened to some good records
I copied some of Mary B's favorite recipes. 
I forgot to actually try this ribbon candy, but I bet it was yummy. 
I don't like olives, but I tried these based on presentation alone. 
My favorite new years drink was the Tom Collins. Note the adorable vintage cocktail napkin.

I was so grateful to spend the post holidays with Hank's family. I made myself right at home and was so sad for our 5 days of partying/lounging/cooking/gaming to end. It was great for our parents to finally meet, too!

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