31 March 2011

mug rug take two

Okay so I tried another mug rug. I give this one a B+. I started with my leftover Americana napkin scraps. I decided to freestyle. I have learned that I'm not that good at freestyle. 

 I cut up some equally sized strips and sewed them together. I cut them again and resewed them. I didn't really end up with a pattern, and I didn't really end up with an intentional free form pattern. I landed somewhere in between. Then I had the brilliant idea of machine quilting in a free form motion. Umm, my machine was not meant to do this. But I tried anyway. 
 So I sewed the top and the batting to some denim, turned it right side out (kind of like an empty pillow) and then top stitched. I think the topstitching saved it from looking like a really bad potholder. It ended up being about 6 inches x 8 inches.

So I like it, but I know I can do better. I saw this tutorial today and I think I am going to try her way. And stick to regular quilting. 

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