28 March 2011

a sewing/bones weekend-napkins

I went on a napkin run this weekend. I finished up the red/black/white kitchen napkins, finished my personal set, and an "Americana" set. It was an impulse fat quarter bundle I got yesterday. I had to have it. The color scheme reminds me of vintage table cloths. Between each project this weekend, I rewarded myself with an episode of Bones on Netflix. I must have watched 10 episodes this weekend. I'm okay with it.

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Cathy Jo aka CJ said...

I used to hang out with Dr. Jack Hodgins from Bones. He was the wizard in my schools' "Wizard of Oz" production. I was a munchkin. go figure.
I also used to jump on his trampoline (and no that's not code for anything nasty). I snapped my neck. go figure.