06 March 2011

spring switch out!

My favorite time of spring is when I get my two giant plastic bins out of my garage and rediscover all of my spring and summer clothes. I take all of my winter stuff out of my closets and drawers and switch it out for spring and summer. My scarf drawer becomes my bathing suit drawer. My wire basket of tights and leggings will hold my shorts. I take all my summer dresses and put them out in place of my wool shifts. My boots get stuffed with tights and put away. I lay out all my sandals and flops. I do keep some transitional stuff out year round: cardigans for my freezing classroom, my new clog/mules that work all year, and light weight scarves. It's amazing how you can forget about a stack of cute tanks and shorts when you don't look at them every day. Or when you go to DSW to look at sandals and realize that you already have all the cute styles just waiting for you at home! Anything I didn't wear this fall/winter season goes to my sister in law. What she doesn't want goes to charity. For the most part, I never regret getting rid of clothes. Though I have had to re-buy some basics after a clean out. Like a black pencil skirt, white button ups, etc. I never wear that type of clothing, but it's great to have just in case. Like if you find yourself at a job interview. I have accumulated lots of jewelry in the past few years. I am thinking of taking it through a similar process. I am sentimental about some of it, but the rest...see you later chunky bead necklace from Forever 21! 

So here's to March...and spring break next week! I'll be in Austin for seven days. Hopefully in shorts and sandals. They do have the good weather down there!

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