10 March 2011

a sussie box

I got a picture of my Phlox before the flowers disappear. I would love to have a nicer flower bed in my front yard, but Jasmine (planted by the previous owner to jazz up the front yard) has taken over. I am okay with the ground cover, but it still looks like weeds to me. So my three Phlox plants are center stage for at least a little bit.
My Aunt Connie and I have started trading sussie boxes. I sent her a yarn bowl and matching coffee cup made by my work bestie, Paige. Last week she sent me lots of goodies!
-cute apple juice jar for a bud vase
-Texas photo collage she made
-crocheted neck warmer/necklace thingy
-framed stamped pic she made
and best of all: 
-a Jason Aldean Big Green Tractor t-shirt! I love that song!
I'll have to start working on her next one!

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