26 April 2011

weekend in pics

 I had the best meal at this new place in Plano called Whiskey Cake. Everything was so good, especially my cocktail. It was like a Mojito with basil instead of mint. 
 On Saturday we went to White Rock Lake. I jogged while Hank rode.
 I went to my first Ranger game in about 10 years. It was just as fun as I remembered.
 I'm sporting an apron top that I made. Ranger colors!

 I made Hank a soft boiled egg with little soldiers. They remind me of the continental breakfasts I had when I visited Paris.

I scored two Easter baskets! I don't know how I managed that.

1 comment:

starnes family said...

Well done on the baskets!

I love a good (or bad) Ranger game. It's better now, too, then mid-summer in the heat!