16 June 2011

The start of summer

tomato/basil/mozzarella salad (homegrown basil)
This was my first visit to Barton Springs Pool. It's a cold 68 degrees all the time! I was skeptical, but it was so hot, it felt amazing. There was some great people watching. We also went kayaking on town lake and we saw so many turtles.
 watermelon/mozzarella/basil/proscuitto salad
green chili cheeseburgers and homemade zucchini fries
 lunch at Walton's
 coffee at Jo's

 I took advantage of some rotting bananas. This recipe is the best I've ever used.
 Macy, my BFF in Austin while everyone worked.
Hank pulled over so I could snip some wild sunflowers (weeds).

I didn't want to come home, but I had to so I can get ready for the Deep Ellum Market this Saturday. I'll be selling my stuff, some paper goods for Trina, and the remaining inventory from The Shining. I really really hope Vicki has this silver bracelet left that I have been coveting for over a year.  Hope to see you there! We will be in the covered lot (no sunburns!) from 11am-5pm.


camille yanair said...

oooh gosh all that food looks so yummy! definitely writing these down so shane can make them for me since i don't cook!

starnes family said...

Food looks yum! Did you bake the zucchini?

Yall should look up Burgers Lake in Fort Worth. A very cool old school natural spring lake.....a hidden gem.

caroline said...

Just saw Tree of Life and Barton Springs was in it :-)....

as was lots of Dallas and so much of Austin. You and your man would enjoy it!