19 August 2011


I got really envious inspired when I saw that my coworker made this super cute clutch over the summer. I had to try it. I used this tutorial. It was a little confusing at times. The pictures didn't always match the instructions, but I figured it out after reading through the comments section. I only seam ripped once! It's the perfect size for shades, keys, and phone! I'm off to Amarillo for the weekend for antiquing, Wonderland, good food, and family! I hear it gets down to 67 at night. Can't wait.


starnes family said...

Precious. You're getting really brave, Cassie. Proud of you!

Ingrid said...

That's really cute! I love the fabrics you used.

Trina M Curran said...

so, so, so cute! I wish I could sew like you do, but alas, only on paper. *sigh*