10 August 2011

Dress Success

 Finally, a pattern I understand! I love to look at patterns and buy them with the intention of making something. It's rare. I would rather stick to what I know. Most of the time I use a pattern, I get really frustrated, and it never turns out. The instructions are vague, and there is lots of seam ripping.
 I got all my pieces cut, I used oversized gingham by Lisette. I have been on the lookout for this kind of fabric ever since I saw this cute waitress at Justine's wearing a black and white gingham dress with oversized pockets.
 I had to seam rip about 6 times, but they were all small seams, and I understood what I did wrong immediately after. The boddess was hard, but I was able to visualize the finished top as I was making it, unlike most patterns. Most of the time I just stare at the directions with the pieces in my hand for an hour and give up.
 Ta dah!!!!! I added the pockets. Part of me thinks they are a tad too close together, but not enough to redo them. The cap sleeves are a little dramatic, I will probably scale them back next time I make this dress, which I will, for sure.

 The keyhole back is my favorite part. I used the exact pattern size for the straps, which I think is a little big, I'll make those thinner on the next one.

I love it. I think it's a little too big, but I don't think I'll cut the pattern down. I'll just scale down the shoulders. I can't wait to wear this. I had so much fun making this yesterday, that I think I might make a shorter one today in orange. I have so many projects I need to tackle before I go back to work next week. Here's to craging for the rest of the summer!


Nick said...

Brilliant. It looks great on.

Ingrid said...

That's really cute! I haven't attempted to make a piece of clothing yet. I've got fabric for it but I'm too chicken to cut into it.

Unknown said...

Super cute dress. I love gingham. I stink at following patterns. Maybe when my kids are back in school I will give another go.

P.S. Thanks for the bracelet. I love it.

starnes family said...

Why have they not updated pattern packaging since the 70's? Seriously.

Love the dress! The tie in back is precious.

Tara said...

Very Mad Man esque! I wish I knew how to sew because this would be the first thing I would make!