12 August 2011

Little Things

I got crafty with my scraps this week. I guess this is what they call "stash busting."

 I had one large piece of muslin left so I made a dish towel. 
 I whipped up a couple drawstring pouches to use as sussies or gift bags. I used leftover grosgrain ribbon for one, and a shoelace for the other (oops!)

I made a patchwork comp book cover after I saw it here. The tutorial referenced was way too confusing for me, so I just figured it out for myself. I'm working on a pdf tutorial for this so I can share it with you. There are lots of these online if you are curious.


Nick said...

Really like the book cover. It makes the book all that more special and unique.

caroline said...

Oooooh! I want a composition book cover!!! I need to visit you soon and give you that fabric, too.