28 October 2011

Gift Tags

I busted out my traveling collage box. I made some gift tags. Now what? I don't know. Trina and I are doing the UPFlea, a flea market on Sunday benefitting the University Park Library. We love a good craft fair, so we are setting up shop once again. I'll package these up and see if I get any takers. If not, I guess I have all my gift tags made for the next year or so. Come see us at Snider Plaza on Sunday from 11-5pm!


starnes family said...

Cassie, I have seen tags similar to this. Not just used for gift wrapping, but as decor. Hanging from a lamp base, slung over a desktop picture frame, and more. They always have words on them......"family, boo!, home, etc, etc". You know how words are everywhere these days. Might be a cute addition to yours and encourage sales, too!

liberty said...

I love every single one of these!