22 November 2011


 Katy has these, so of course I needed them too. They are silent bangles from Paper Source made from recycled flip flops.
 Saturday was Hank's birthday. I baked him a yellow cake with chocolate icing.
 We did a five mile jog at Town Lake.
 We undid our five mile jog by eating wings at Pluckers. They have awesome lemonade.
 This light fixture at Walton's made me think of my Aunt Connie Sue.
I went to Hill Country Weavers for some Manos yarn. I dove in and got the hot hot pink! I can't wait! I'm off to San Diego with Hank's family for the rest of the week. I am so excited! I hope I can see my blog/sister friend, Casey, even if its just to give her a hug. I haven't seen her since I was 18! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Moma, save me some dressing and some pie.

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ashley.warner said...

such pretttttttty photos! :)