28 February 2012

Oh Hey!

I haven't been crafty lately, but here's some other stuff I've been up to!  I made Hank a sampler valentine six pack. He made me French toast, took me on a hot date, and sent me flowers to school!

 I updated my clippie board.
 I tried cycling for the first time. CJ loaned me her setup. It was raining and I fell down. So I'm undecided.
 I made PW's amazing Spicy Stewed Beef with Cheddar Grits. Top notch.
 I ate at a Dallas food truck (Easy Slider). I highly recommend the burger with goat cheese, bacon, and strawberry jam!
I cleaned out my garage. I'm pretty excited about this.

1 comment:

starnes family said...

OK, I was just about to start making fun of you for buying all that gear while 'trying out' cycling. Wasn't as much fun knowing you borrowed it. It reminded me, though, of one of the greatest parts of living in Colorado, which was watching the tourist skiers show up in Dumb and Dumber outfits, falling down the mountain.

Not that I'm really all that good, but still.

Love PW!