05 June 2012


It's summer! Friday was my last day, and I have been at home soaking in summer ever since. I have only left my house this weekend to play soccer and go to the store. I didn't even leave the house yesterday. It's so great. I made a toddler sized quilt for someone special. I won't show it all yet until he receives it. I also made a tote bag with some fish fabric I've had for over a year. I saw Purl Bee's 40 minute tote. So I followed their pattern and made one yesterday. I didn't snap a picture of it, but the lining is bright orange. I'm on an orange and blue kick I guess. 
I have the White Rock Local Market on Saturday, so I have also been making little things for that. I have a new batch of clips made and some napkins to hem. I do have to go into work today. There's jazzercise involved and my coffee maker decided to quit, so I can grab mine from work. Problem solved! 

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