09 July 2012

Making Room

I'm making room for Hank! My goal is to make him a shelf or drawer in every room! Generous of me, right? First I had to clippie rage to replenish my clippie board. Then I started a garage sale pile. I keep sweeping through my house and adding to the pile. I think of myself as someone who is clutter free but I have SO MUCH STUFF! I guess I am really good and hiding it. I went through my craft shelves and thinned some stuff out. I moved my table so Hank can have a desk and a few shelves. I even cleaned out the closet! The guest room is about half full with stuff for the sale. I'll probably have to relocate it to the garage because I can't stand the mess in there, and I don't even really use that room. How often do you purge? It's amazing the difference a couple years makes. Stuff you swore you'd use just gathers dust.


JenKJack said...

with your energy, stamina, practicality, and creativity, you would have made an awesome pioneer woman. i can just imagine all of your 8 kids on the prairie with mended hems and dsrned socks. they would have all upstyled, restyled duds all the time. you are amazing. and these clippies are absolutely adorable!

Liz Thackeray said...

I love those clips! They're great. I just stumbled upon your site, and am so glad I did! There's a lot of fun stuff here :) Good luck with the making-room. I think you're being very generous. I'm a big yard-saler and I use a cool website: http://www.yardsalesearch.com. I love it because it maps out all the local yard sales. But I've also noticed that it lets you advertise your own yard sale on there for free. Just thought I'd pass that along. Hopefully it will drive more traffic your way! (I'll see if I can link it properly...)