12 September 2012

For Cathy Jo

Guess what! I have been so busy! This is the longest blogging break I've ever taken. I have a confession, I haven't been reading blogs either. I checked my Bloglovin after two weeks and had 300 unread posts. I got so overwhelmed that I marked them all as read. Sorry guys! Well, Hank moved to Dallas and school started. I became co-chair of my department so my work load and late hours doubled from last year. Hopefully my five readers are still around. In other news, I have been bitten by the cycling bug. I got a hybrid bike in March and have since upgraded to this roadie right here. It has been really awesome to have Hank here to ride with. We have discovered some new trails and we think we might be able to ride a trail or not so busy road all the way to Plano. That's about 20 miles one way! I pick up my new bike this weekend from the shop. I cannot wait. My first big ride will probably be with Cathy Jo in Austin this weekend. It's just us girls, so I am looking forward to hearing her expertise. She has been riding for four years. She is my inspiration! 

After finishing my first queen size quilt this summer I took a little crafting break. I have a market coming up, so I need to get busy. Though I think after the markets, I might focus on making more quilts instead of making small stuff for extra cash. Here are a couple quilts that have inspired me lately. 

I feel a knitting season coming, too. Thanks for reading and checking back every day for over a month to see if there's anything new (Cathy Jo).


Cathy Jo aka CJ said...

Best post to-date!I can't wait to be all bikey with you. XOXO

kendallb47 said...

Awe I love this. I love your bike and quilts and knitting obsession. And I can't wait to ride with you!
-another loyal reader