21 January 2010

Happy Birthday, Dad

Today would have been my dad's 58th birthday. He passed away 6 1/2 years ago. He taught me many life skills and how to be a good problem solver. He also loved us unconditionally. Here are a few of the things I learned from him. Happy Birthday, Punkin!

-how to hammer a nail into a two by four
-how to use a radial saw, mitre saw, hand saw, and jigsaw
-to lift using my knees
-to mute the tv during commercials
-to get up after I was knocked down in a soccer game (without complaining)
-that travelling is something you should take advantage of when you are young
-how to reload a shotgun shell (and a shotgun)
-how to work the clay bird thrower thingy
-if you are falling off a ladder with your chainsaw in your hand, throw the chainsaw as far away from you as possible
-how to wrap an egg roll
-Radar Love by Golden Earring is the best song ever
-how to change the oil in my car (all by myself)
-how to replace a flat tire with a spare
-how to drive a stick shift
-how to jumpstart a car, roll start a car, and push a car down the street
-that if you can’t fix something, go to home depot/lowes and buy a new, better one.
-the power of a love letter

This addition is from my brother, David.
what the Punkin taught me:

-if you're going to be the type of person who gets into fights, you'll
lose about as many as you'll win

-measure twice, cut once

-"we have the tools and the talent"...referring to the numerous auto
repairs we took on.

-check a firearm to see if it's loaded EVERY the moment you touch it

-lead the clay target

-shoulder a shotgun properly (or suffer a sore shoulder)

-if you don't have anyone to hit on the football field...find
someone...and hit them as hard as you can

-it's worth it to buy an expensive specialized tool even if you're only
going to use it once (you may get to use it again for someone else)

-use penetrant and patience on corroded nuts and bolts before you try
to wrench them off

-follow directions from the top


Things the Punkin did that other folks just dont do:

-CA 1985, he built a gaming joystick out of spare parts for me to use
on the computer

-wrote internet protocol before there was such thing as Internet
Protocol (IP). He dazzled me when he pressed a button and a file
printed in Denver (CA 1986)

-built the heaviest engine hoist ever made from heavy gauge square
stock and a pneumatic jack

-self taught home renovator...he's self taught with everything he did

-bought solenoids, metal rods, and a radio receiver and created a
keyless entry for his pickup truck tool box

-impressed with his new drill press, he drilled a hole in a BB.

-built an electricity battery from potatoes...he had some zinc lying
around in addition to the copper needed to make it work
Now from T.J.
Things Dad taught me -
- In theory, you should be clean when getting out of the shower, so there’s no need to use a brand new clean towel every time.
- Wash your hands thoroughly before trimming your fingernails.
- Respect women and be a gentleman
- “Ty and I went to Mr. Gattis” is correct. “Me and Ty went to Mr. Gattis” is incorrect. He also added that it’s not polite to correct peoples grammar, and that he did so because he’s my father.
- When driving on the highway, occasionally look far down the road for any potential hazards
- It’s often better to listen to a high school football on the radio while sitting on the back porch in the cool Autumn air instead of going to the game
- Even adults with Republican leanings can appreciate and laugh hysterically at South Park
- It’s funny to purposefully mispronounce words like epitome
- Rebuilding your tool collection is best done after the two male offspring move away to college
- (when I was young) If someone is rambling on the phone and you’re trying to end the conversation, it’s impolite to just hang up on them
- If you’re 6 and can’t fall asleep, lie on your back, fold your hands together across your chest, close your eyes and think about all the fun places you’ve been
- How to build a fire in the fireplace using scrap lumber and a hatchet
- If a restaurant serves awesome sweet and sour sauce with their chicken and won’t share the recipe with you, gather to go portions on every visit to fill a jar at home until you have enough to cook a meal for your family
- How to safely handle a firearm at all times and especially when crossing a fence, getting into a deer blind, and walking with a group of people
- Pringles rule


Erika said...

Wow, I can't imagine a more powerful expression of a dad's love. Thanks for sharing such a personal moment between the two of you.

Katy Rapier said...

That made me tear up. What a great moment to share. Wish I could have met him.

Nicki said...

What an awesome Unkie Punkie he was! TJ....yours made me LOL. I'm sure they are having a party up there. Grandaddy, Unkie Punkie, and my Emily!

Unknown said...

"Meggie, if you want me to shoot Terry, I will."

PUNKIN!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

My favorite was the muting the TV during commercials...it's so logical but never thought of.

Only man (besides Kev) who can out-burp me. Sorry TJ.

mightykazoo said...

This year, when I found myself with my own garage, and tools, and even a mitre saw, my first thought was, "How would Punkin set this up?"

Happy Birthday.

Joel said...

Really cool! What an amazing man.