07 January 2011

Books in 2010

 I loved this book even though the ending sucked. I haven't seen the movie (even though I will see anything with Mark Wahlberg in it) because I heard it will be a huge letdown.
 I love Tom Robbins even though his writing is super weird. This wasn't my favorite book of his, but I still enjoyed it.
 I read this for the second time this year. I am a big fan of hand written letters. This book keeps my letter writing etiquette up to date.
 This book is written in the form of letters. It takes place in post war Britain and a small British Isle called Guernsey. I found myself falling in love with the characters through the letters they exchanged.
All time favorite book.

I am stealing this idea from Trina to share the books I read in 2010. I didn't think I read much, but looking at my bookshelf, I actually read five books! I love to read, but can't find the time. I'd rather be sewing, knitting, cooking, cleaning, etc. The book I could not put down was Gone With The Wind. I read it over the summer when I had lots of time to kill. Hands down, my new favorite book of all time. Sorry To Kill A Mockingbird, you've been replaced.


starnes family said...

I have never read Gone with the Wind. I know. It's a tragedy. On my list!

Lovely Bones movie is AWFUL. Do not see.

Alice Sebold's other 2 books were good. Lucky is a memoir of her rape during the first semester of college. It's graphic and hard to read, but I recommend it. I love her writing. Almost Moon is her other (a novel), which is about her killing her mother. She is obviously an interesting writer!

Cassie, I just read Cutting for Stone and it was by far one of the best books I've ever read. Highly recommend.

Cassie said...

thanks for the rec's Casey! I am about to start Texas, so maybe I'll pick up some more of Sebold's for the summer.