07 January 2011

Quick Patchwork Dish Towel

I made this super easy dish towel last night to put in Katy's basket. I used the same muslin from the basket liner. I laid one of my dish towels out on top and cut around it (knowing mine would be smaller once I hemmed the edges) I took some fabric scraps from a napkin set and cut 7 3 x 3.5 inch rectangles. I sewed them together to get one long strand of patchwork. I cut that in half long ways. I pressed under the edges and pinned them to the short sides of the muslin. I topstitched the patchwork on each end of the towel and trimmed off the excess patchwork from the edges. I pressed under the edges of the towel and hemmed the entire thing, tucking the raw edges of the patchwork under the muslin (leaving no raw edges). The finished towel is 18 x 24 inches. This took me about an hour and didn't cost me anything because I used all scraps! I went ahead and cut two other towels out of the muslin so I can make a couple more tonight.

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