04 January 2011

Restoring Order

Yesterday was the sad end of my winter break. Hank made me breakfast while I took down my Christmas decorations. After he left I cranked up the Taylor Swift and reorganized my kitchen cabinets. I didn't have the good sense to take before pictures. I took all of the spices and random crap out of my cabinet over my stove and made it the baking cabinet. Baking spices, flour, sugar, brown sugar, mixes, confections, recipes, and cook books. 

I took my non baking spices and gave them a new home on the bottom shelf of my cupboard. I ended up throwing out half of my spices (and half of the food in my cupboard). I put my other cooking oils and vinegars, coffee, and regularly used items on the bottom shelf. Next shelf is canned goods, rice, etc. The top shelf is for snacks and tea making materials. 

My kitchen cart transformed into a crap holder over time, so I moved all of my "cute" dishes (like my new Rachael Ray casseroles) and my adorable non functional ceramic muffin tin. I upgraded my kitchen towel basket to the top, and moved my fruit and veggie bowl to the top of the microwave, clearing valuable counter space. I hung my vintage aprons on the hook by the cart. I sure loved throwing away old food. It gave me more space and I got the thrill of trashing it!

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Trina M Curran said...

Oh, my! It looks great! :) I need to do mine.