28 February 2011

Weekend in Pics

 I made French toast for the first time in years. I forgot how yummy it is.
 Hank and I tried Rusty Taco for the first time. Approve.
On our way home from the store we saw batting cages and stopped and hit a few pitches. The slow pitch softball was way too easy. The 50mph softball however was SO hard to hit. I had to start swinging when the ball was still dropping into the thingy. I hit about four, tipped about six, and completely missed the rest. Good challenge though. Hank naturally hit a homer with every pitch.
My oven is broken (fixable, but broken currently) so I couldn't bake a yummy dessert for Supper Club. Luckily Whole Foods had these amazing little cannolis. They were way better than what I would have made. I tried turnips for the first time in my life on Saturday night. Not too shabby! They were braised in broth and butter so that really helps. I can't quite describe them. Potato meets onion meets broccoli stem flavor?


Erika said...

those cannolis are making me drool. Kai and I LOVE French toast. it's one of our fav things to make on the weekend. yes, I said 'our'. Kai is a good 'cooker' (his word) :)

Anonymous said...

go to jimmy's on fitzhugh and bryan for cannolis next time. and get an italian stallion sandwich, it'll change your life.