29 March 2011


 Homey has a friend!

I made two more slouchies this weekend. I found some interior decorating fabric at Joann for 30% off. It's a bit sturdier than regular calico. The print selection is way better, too! The brown print is actually Dwell Studio. I was surprised to see that on the selvedge when I got home. I love slouchies. They are great for a main bag or a secondary tote like if you carry tons of crap around like i do. I used this pattern. Katy and I hope to have a booth at the upcoming Deep Ellum Outdoor Market on April 16th. We are still waiting to hear back. I'm doing extra sewing just in case.


Erika said...

I love taking mine on trips. It's the perfect bag to stash a book, some snacks, and my wallet.

Katy Rapier said...

I'm using mine now too! I love the yellow one. Great for spring

oomph. said...

i definitely have tons of crap to haul around...already carry 3 bags around! i love the patterns here! great projects here on your blog!