20 March 2011

spring break part two

 We went to the East side for some trailer food. We had fish and chips. Not bad. I hear they are the best in Austin.
 Macy was my buddy all week.
 I found my Toms. I wanted to get a printed pair, but those don't have leather insoles AND are more expensive. So Hank picked these gray twill faded ones. I like.
 This is what happens when you bake in a cranky mood. I was tired from driving in Austin traffic and wasn't happy with the baking materials selection at Target. I had to buy a bunch of stuff for Hank's house since he is a boy, and therefore doesn't bake or own anything baking related. I didn't have to buy him stuff, but I spend enough time there and I want to be able to bake on a whim.
 I made peanut butter icing using this recipe. It was the TOTAL OPPOSITE texture of store bought icing. I never make my own because it seems complicated. But never again will I buy the mystery icing from the grocery store!

 I dusted half of the cupcakes with powdered sugar for those that are not icing fans (like me). Cranky mood over.
Here's CJ and I hanging out in the backyard while the boys grilled. It was so fun to be able to see her almost every day. She inspires/motivates me to cook, exercise, go out, and be a sport! Like do two days of South by Southwest amongst the thousands of people. 


Maria said...

the best fish stick in austin!

Sarah said...

Nice stuff you have in your blog