17 March 2011

spring break sewing

I turned the kitchen into a makeshift studio so I could get some sewing done here in Austin. I finally got to my purple fabric. I have been making these apron tops since college, and I can't believe I have just now figured something out. This time I did all my cutting, then made all the straps, tops, aprons, hemming, etc. So rather than making each one start to finish, I finished four all at once, in just under three hours! I also (for the first time) reinforced the straps where they are attached to the top. One of my straps is coming loose, so I figured other ones were, too. I only have one raw edge (the gathered part of the apron) so I pinked that part for the first time. That should cut down on strings from washing. One of these is already going to a Denton friend. The rest will be on Etsy soon. I am not taking model pics until tomorrow. Happy St. Patrick's Day, and a Happy Birthday to my Memaw! She turns 81 today! 

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