07 March 2011

vintage quilt square pillow

My mom gave me several stacks of hand pieced vintage quilt squares. I have had them about a year, not knowing what I wanted to do with them. I washed and ironed most of them to get the musty smell out. They are so delicate. I took this one and made a pillow. First I put some cream colored fabric and some batting behind the square and machine "quilted" the square. It was my first time! I can see why people do it, but I can't imagine being able to control a whole quilt in a machine. After I quilted, I had to trim about an inch from every side since the edges were so uneven. I cut two rectangles of denim for the back. Denim is a bit country, but I guess I'm a bit country, so there. This was also a first. I have never done the overlapping open back thingy. It came out pretty good, except my pillow form was for a 14 inch pillow and this one is only 12. So it's pretty tight. I think I'll take it out until I get a smaller form. I don't want the already delicate fabric to get stressed by the size of the form. I declare success in under an hour. I think I'll get a little fancier with the next one. These will make great gifts for my vintage buddies...wink wink, miss birdie.


Trina M Curran said...

Haha!! Before I even read the end, I was in love. :) so pretty and I love that you made the little foldover. The square is beautiful, and so is your work!

Katy Rapier said...

Good Idea.....I like the denim back. I think I'm somewhat saving mine for the future, but fun to do with other vintage prints.