03 May 2011

a week of sewing-part 3-skirts n stuff

 This is Katy's skirt. It's an Alexander Henry Larkspur print. It's 25 inches long aka teacher appropriate length!
 I bought this fabric with no plan. I just had to have it. That's the worst reason to buy fabric. But we are all guilty. I looked up some measurements for a ten year old and made this. So I'm considering it "tween" size. Hopefully 'tweens think chairs are cool. I doubt it.

 Oh the sofa fabric! I bought this at the same time as the chair print if you couldn't guess. This one is great for summer since it's short. I think I'll classify this as teenager size, even though I would totally wear it.
This is an extra special pressie for an extra special girl that goes to UT. It's not exactly burnt orange, more of a sherbet color. It's Amy Butler Midwest Modern. 

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starnes family said...

Amy Butler is to die for.

Love the chair skirt!